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MrBrakes Ballarat
(03) 5337 6634

Our History

MrBrakes began around thirty-five years ago, principally to service the brake and clutch requirements of local motorists. In those days everything was done in-house, such as: bonding linings, machining and sleeving cylinders and so on. These days all replacement items are new. The only refurbishment that is carried out is on older classic cars.

The current owner, Brian Canny bought the business in 1998. After a career as a local newsagent, spanning thirty years, in the Wendouree area and prior to that as accountant with local firms. An interest in cars and motor sport brought him into the automotive game. Brian competes in both tarmac and gravel rallies, refer his blog under this heading and all the rally cars both past and present, have been and are prepared in-house.

After several years concentrating on the brake and clutch areas, it became obvious that the company needed to diversify into servicing and general repairs and maintenance. Whilst still priding themselves on being experts in those two fields, the workshop has broadened its horizon.
This is where the Bosch organisation came in. Robert Bosch Corporation is a global company employing thousands of people in manufacturing around the world and with one hundred and thirty five Bosch Car Service Centres (BCS) around Australia, it made sense to join the strength. The network provides Australia Wide Warranty on all parts and service

MrBrakes has been a member of BCS for over two years and in that time our staff have been involved in many training sessions, run by the Bosch training arm in Melbourne. Training included; Ignition Systems Diagnosis; Petrol and Diesel Direct Injection; On-Board Diagnosis; and many more. This is an ongoing proviso of being part of Bosch – we need to keep learning to maintain our knowledge base. The auto industry is changing very rapidly and computers and electronics are taking over. Bosch design and manufacture and supply over 50% of the market to the automotive manufacturing industry. Chances are your car is controlled by a Bosch ECU systems. MrBrakes, being in the Bosch network, know how to talk to them.

When we service your car, where possible, we use quality Bosch product as an Original Equipment (OE) replacement item. In the brake area, Bosch have a range of brake pads and rotors especially formulated to suit your car; the same pad composition does not suit a Mercedes and a Camry; Bosch supply pads to suit each individual vehicle’s requirement – we use Bosch pads and rotors on your car.

The Future

After occupying the same building in Howitt Street for the past 35 years, we decided we needed a facelift, so, we moved and we are now located at:
4 Endeavour way, Alfredton, 3350.

Mrbrakes still offers the same excellent service, with the same excellent staff, in a brand new building. The advantage for you is plenty of parking, little traffic, a loan car if required or a lift home or to work. Lucas shopping centre is 500 metres away and included a brand new Safeway store and Wilson’s Fruit and Veg and a coffee awaits either in our waiting room or in the Safeway centre.As a team, we are conscious of our environment and are doing everything we can to ensure our workshop is environmentally friendly. We have made a number of key improvements to our workshop including, but not limited to:

  • The installation of solar panels

  • Using Hydro Energy from Tasmania

  • Utilising recycling facilities for all waste, including oil, rags, paper and cardboard

  • Using a Triple Interceptor waste water process

In the near future we also aim to install an electric vehicle charging point and purchase an electric vehicle for our business.

We look forward to receiving you and your car in our “State of the Art” facility.

Come and check us out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.