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(03) 5337 6634

Being a member of the Bosch Car Service (BSC) network, we are specialists in Fleet Servicing and we would appreciate looking after your fleet of vehicles. Manufacturers now have to honour their warranty irrespective of where the car is serviced, as long as original parts, oil etc, are used.

Log Book Servicing

We comply with all manufacturers requirements and operate within this framework and stamp your service book to guarantee our work.

Our Nationwide Warranty

Within the BSC network we also provide a Nationwide Warranty on all work performed in our workshop. There are 135 BCS service providers scattered throughout Australia, in a word: “We have you covered”.

Our Guarantee of Service:

We will do our utmost to provide you with the service you require and expect, from one professional operation, servicing another professional operation. If the boot were on the other foot, we would expect and I am sure, receive no less.

Our Loan Vehicles

We have replacement vehicles available, a utility and cars, and we are happy to pick up and drop off.

Your Staff

This offer also applies to staff.
Please contact Matt Hosking, our Service Manager, to discuss your requirements on
(03) 5337 6634

For more information, download the Bosch Fleet Brochure.

[email protected]


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